Catherine Tallmadge


“I have always been a maker.  Whether its painting, drawing, weaving, embroidery, book binding, etching, picture framing, et al I am always working on something.  I get antsy if my hands aren’t busy, if there isn’t paint under my nails, pencil shavings in my hair or stray threads stuck to my clothes.”

Catherine (Cate) Tallmadge was born and raised on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains.  She spent most of her formative years in idilic Carbondale, Colorado.  In the early 2000s the big city and art school beckoned.  She moved to Chicago where she enrolled at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Graduating in 2006 with her BFA in Fiber and Material Studies, she spent the next seven years working as a picture framer and occasionally producing new artworks.  In 2013, tired of the hustle and bustle of the Windy City, she could no longer ignore the siren song of the mountains and was soon Colorado bound.  At first the move back to Carbondale was just going to be a pit stop on the road to some new exciting place, but when a great job opportunity at Main Street Gallery and The Framer opened up, the move back home became a more permanent one.

In early 2014 Cate was presented with the chance to be one of Main Street Gallery’s featured artists.  She knew that the conceptual fiber art that she had been producing up to that point really didn’t mesh with the other artists oeuvre, so she took the opportunity to go back to her roots and try her hand at more traditional media.  The multi media assemblage pieces she produced were a natural extension of a series of commissioned pet portraits she had been making for friend.  The reimagined saints and icons were inspired by and coincided with the Mardi Gras themed First Friday.  Her work has evolved beyond its early saintly inspirations to become intricate anthropomorphic portraits.  She is also available to do commissions; contact her through the gallery if interested.

Most days you can find Cate at Main Street Gallery where she is not only one of the talented artists they represent, but also one of their accomplished custom picture framers.  Stop by and take a look at her menagerie or utilize her skill to design your next framing project.