Mary Noone


mary_nooneMARY NOONE says, “The Roaring Fork Valley and the West have been my primary subject for the past 25 years. I study and paint on location in one of the most beautiful plein air settings the Rocky Mountains has to offer. The vast open spaces of the West are gradually disappearing in the path of rampant development. Through my colorful landscape paintings, I strive to capture these vanishing open spaces and preserve them on canvas for future generations.”

Mary was born in St. Louis, Missouri, grew up in a rural environment but attended city schools. She earned a BA in American studies/Fine Arts from Georgetown University and worked as a Graphic Artist in Sacramento before moving to The Roaring Fork Valley (Carbondale) in 1982. In 1985, she and her Husband Bob founded the Glenwood Springs Summer of Jazz and have produced over 175 concerts. She says, “I have evolved from a graphic artist. . .house painter. . . silk painter. . . to a full-time Colorado Art painter in 1988.”

“I initially became a painter to stay home with my children to whom I give credit for teaching me the bold use of color. I have painted with and taught children for years and have always admired their open pallet, daring use of pigment and joyful approach to painting. For me painting is joyous! The natural colorful landscape paintings are powerful and vibrant. . . so should be the colors. Painting is a vital and deeply fulfilling passion for me. I often paint in the company of my dogs, children or friends. I seek to translate the mood and feel of the moment. Juxtaposition and shape are foremost in my artistic view. With each brush stroke, I strive to celebrate nature in a riot of subtle yet vibrant color. What you see on the canvas is the embodiment of my artistic vision.”

Mary’s work is included in many permanent collections throughout Colorado and the west. Main Street Gallery is proud to have Mary as one of our most popular artists. Her spirit and enthusiasm toward painting and life in general is compelling and an inspiration to those who know her and love her work.


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