Stephen C. Datz

STEPHEN C. DATZ was born in Denver and started his career as a student of applied mathematics, only to find that his love of things artistic pulled him in the direction of becoming a painter. At Colorado State University, he enrolled in the arts program where he took numerous figure drawing, design, and illustration courses. He met his wife Andrea at CSU and he soon began to follow her love for the outdoors and leave behind some of the “city dweller” persona of his youth. When Andrea became the manager of a large horse ranch in Carbondale, they moved there and he was afforded the opportunity to concentrate on art. A workshop with Skip Whitcomb, a friend of his fathers’ and an accomplished, successful artist, introduced Stephen to “plein air” painting with oils. He started to paint every day, in all seasons, in all weather and took further workshops with Ned Jacob and Michael Lynch and painted with Dan Young, a friend and local painter in Glenwood Springs . Stephens’ career has recently blossomed and his work has brought him greater notoriety and success in Colorado, Montana and New Mexico, with some national awards and accolades along the way.

Stephen Datz has been one of our most popular artists for about ten years. His selection of subject, increased confidence of brush stroke and decision-making during the process of painting reflect his increasing maturity as an artist to watch. Indeed, Southwest Art magazine featured Stephen in two separate issues’ “Artists to Watch” section. His recent one-man show at our gallery was a huge success with collectors and viewers as well. Stephen C. Datz is a dedicated, prolific artist whose work is varied, always captivating and a pleasure to exhibit in our gallery.